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We’re so honored that you have chosen us to care for your pet! Please read the information on this page & as always, please let us know if you have any questions. We will be glad to help.

Also, if you want to review our Missed Appointment, Financial & Zero Tolerance policies, please click HERE

Healthcare and General Informational Sites

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)
Professional organization offering certification status to companion animal hospitals dedicated to providing the best care possible to their patients. In addition, the site offers resources for many valuable pet care topics.

American Association of Feline Practitioners
An association of veterinarians dedicated to improving the health of cats.

American Society of Prevention of Cruelty in Animals
Also known as the ASPCA, this national organization is devoted to preventing animal abuse. This site also contains links to the animal poison control center.

Animal Poison Control Center
Affiliated with the ASPCA, this organization is open 24/7 to assist you in an emergency if you think your pet has ingested a toxin. The direct number is (888)426-4435. (A $65 fee as of May 2017 may apply.)

Indoor Pet Initiative
The Ohio State University Veterinary College offers wellness information for indoor cats & dogs. The site is especially useful in helping to identify sources of feline behavior problems.

Cornell University Partners in Animal Health
This site has helpful videos showing how to do such things as give your cat medication, trim nails, etc.

Heartworm Disease
Lots of information on this serious disease in cats & dogs.

Partners for Healthy Pets
Sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, this site has lots of useful information on caring for dogs & cats.

Pet Food Recalls thru FDA
Lists all of the pet food recalls since 2007 by brand name & allows you to search for a specific product as well.

Pet Poison Helpline
Staffed by veterinary professionals, this center is open 24/7 365 days a year to assist you if you suspect your pet has ingested something toxic. The direct number is: (855) 764-7661. (Please know that a $59 consultation fee as of May 2017 may apply.)

Pets & Parasites
Information to prevent parasite infection in pets & people. Purina
General news relating to pets, nutrition & healthcare info.

Laser Therapy in Pets
Website discussing the benefits of laser therapy.

Sophia Yin, DVM – Behaviorist
Excellent information on pet behavior and training.

Microchipping/Pet ID

Home Again
Information on the microchip we use at Best Friends, as well as general information on microchipping and chip registration.

Universal Pet Microchip Lookup
A site sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association that consolidates several microchip company databases & allows you to look up any pet with their microchip number.

Breed Related Information

American Kennel Club
Information on all AKC recognized dog breeds.

Cat Fancier’s Association
Cat Fanciers Association information on cat breeds.

Pet Adoption

Pet Finder
A national database of adoptable dogs, cats and other pets.

Belleville Area Humane Society
Local animal shelter with adoptable pets.

Local area pet finding database.

Gateway Pets
Another local organization with adoptable pets.

Non-Profit Organizations

Best Friends Animal Society
Run by Best Friends Animal Society, the largest sanctuary for homeless animals in the country.

Humane Society of the United States
The Humane Society of the United States, an international organization and largest animal protection organization in the nation.

Exotics & Wildlife

Information on all kinds of reptile breeds

Bi-State Wildlife Hotline
Located in Black Jack, MO this group has an EXCELLENT website with LOTS of information on what to do if you find wildlife – also a 24/7 phone number (1-855-945-3435) for individualized help. This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED resource.

Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation
Local (Carterville, IL) facility that rehabilitates wildlife.

The Tye Dyed Iguana
A local reptile store that offers not only reptiles, but also supplies & a vast amount of reptile knowledge.

Treehouse Wildlife Rehabilitation
Local facility caring for injured wildlife.

Wild Bird Rehabber
A non-profit organization in St. Louis that treats injured birds. Lots of good information on this site too!

Wildlife Rescue Shelter
An extensive nationwide database allowing you to search for local wildlife rehabilitators by state.

Pet Loss Information

Tuft’s University Vet Med Grief Support
Grief support hotline & articles from Tufts University.

Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement
A non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources & support to owners that have lost their pet.

Cornell University Pet Loss Support
A support line sponsored by Cornell University.

Pet Loss
A site offering message boards, chat rooms, local support group information, book recommendations, & other information related to losing a pet.

Local Specialty Clinics

*Please note that for specialty services (not emergency), many facilities require a referral from a primary care veterinarian.

Animal Emergency Center
Located in Collinsville, IL this facility only see emergencies and is open only in the evenings during the week, all day on weekends and all day on holidays.

Animal Eye Associates
Located in Kirkwood, MO, Dr. Ben Johnson is a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Animal Skin & Allergy Clinic
Located at 11148 Olive Blvd, St. Louis, MO, a board certified dermatologist treats animal skin conditions. The phone number is (314) 997-0920.

Associated Veterinary Specialists
Located in Bridgeton, MO this referral facility has a surgical and internal medicine team, as well as dentistry.

Kersting Bird Medicine & Surgery
Veterinary facility in Chesterfield, MO that treats birds.

Veterinary Rehabilitation of St. Louis
The phone number is (314) 282-7571.

Veterinary Health Center University of Missouri
Located in Wentzville, this clinic is a subsidiary of the University of Missouri College of Vet Med in Colombia. This satellite clinic has a veterinary dermatologist, oncologist & behaviorist.

Veterinary Specialty Services
Located in Manchester, MO this local referral facility has a cardiology, internal medicine, surgical, oncology and pet rehabilitation department. They also have an emergency department that sees pets 24/7.