Canine Vaccination Information

At Best Friends Animal Hospital we strive to provide our patients with the most up to date medical a...
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Caring for Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are great starter pets for children due to their docile temperament and relative ease of...
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A Swansea Vet Sounds Off on Summer Pet Safety

With the summer season well underway, now is the time to enjoy hot, sunny days with those who are sp...
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Flea Control Guidelines

Most people who own pets have had to deal with a flea "problem" at least once. Unfortunately, it doe...
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Sugar Glider Diet

Sugar gliders are nocturnal and should be fed once a day in the evening. You will learn your sugar g...
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What You Need to Know About Parasite Prevention in Swansea

April is both Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month and National Heartworm Awareness Month. In honor of...
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Caring for Your Sugar Glider

A Sugar Glider is a nocturnal marsupial that is native to Indonesia, Australia, and New Guinea. They...
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Tips for Caring for Your Pet’s Teeth from a Pet Dentist near Shiloh

You wouldn’t dream of not scheduling dental appointments for your children or going years without se...
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Bearded Dragon Care

What is a Bearded Dragon? Bearded Dragons are a semi arboreal lizard from the genus Pogona that are found in Australia. They get their name from their beard like scales on the throat that can be extended when threatened. The beards on Bearded Dragons can also turn black in color which can mean a number of things including stress, illness, or that they are frightened/threatened.  Bearded Dragons are one of the most popularly kept lizards due to their docile nature, tolerance for handling, and hardiness. 

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Top 3 Holiday Hazards for Pets

No loving pet parent would like their Christmas festivities to result in needing to book an appointment with a veterinarian in Swansea. After all, the holiday season is a joyful time that is supposed to be packed with joy and happiness. Sadly, it’s also a time that can be very unsafe for our furry family members. In fact, many of the things that make the holidays merry and bright for us might be dangerous to our furry friends. And if you aren’t careful, your favorite fur baby may find themselves sick, injured, or even worse. 

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3 Pet Wellness Care Tips from a Vet in Swansea

Did you know that October of each year is National Pet Wellness Month? Hosted by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), this annual event is intended to raise awareness of how important wellness care and exams are for pets. As your pet’s vet in Swansea, Best Friends Animal Hospital & Pet Resources believes that wellness care is a key component in ensuring long, healthy lives for dogs and cats and would like to take this opportunity to share some helpful wellness care tips for your pet. 

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Welcome to Best Friends Animal Hospital & Pet Resources

Welcome to Best Friends Animal Hospital and Pet Resources! As your veterinarian in Swansea, we provide a complete range of services for dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, and even exotic pets.

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COVID-19 and Your Pet

More information on the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus is becoming available quickly. That said, it is still...
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COVID-19 Procedures Starting March 23, 2020 - Please Read Carefully

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind with news, updates, rumors & even panic as we've gone f...
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Updated COVID Procedures - Wellness Care

We hope that you and your family (including your four-legged ones) are doing well during this strang...
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Corovavirus - COVID-19 Information

Obviously there is much talk & extreme concern over the recently named pandemic caused by corona...
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ALLERGIES: When the Itch Strikes, Strike Back!

Having an itchy pet can be a frustrating ordeal for not only the pet, but also for you, the owner. A...
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Your Pet's Teeth and How To Keep Them

Dental disease is the most commonly diagnosed disease in dogs and cats. The American Veterinary Dent...
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Grain Free Boutique Diets and Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Why is everyone talking about grain free foods? Over the past several years, the pet food industry h...
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Separation Anxiety In Dogs: WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME !?!

Separation Anxiety Since dogs are pack animals, it's not surprising when a dog experiences anxiety a...
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