Resort Services

Resort Services:

A Luxury Retreat for Your Pet!

At Best Friends there’s no need to worry about your pet while you’re away. Our professional team has vowed to treat our guests as their own and to give them plenty of attention. Who knows, your pet might just want to stay a little while longer!

For the Dogs:

Grand Suites

Each suite is 6×8 feet and has its own private window to look outside and watch all of the activity, as well as a TV. A full panel glass door allows our guests to view all of the activities in the resort. Full-service housekeeping also included. We can provide bedding, or you may provide your own – whichever you are most comfortable with. Double (and in some cases triple) occupancy is permitted in the grand suites.


Each room is 4×6 feet. A partial panel glass door allows our guests to view all of the activities in the resort. Full-service housekeeping also included. As in the grand suites, we can provide bedding, or you may provide your own for your pet. For smaller guests double occupancy may be permitted here.

Studio Rooms

Best suited for our smaller guests (less than 15 pounds) and those with less energy, these rooms are warm and cozy. Each room has a comfortable bed (or you may provide your own) and full-service housekeeping is included.

Additional Standard Amenities:

Background music is played (or video) to soothe guests. Meals are served twice daily – our standard diet is Purina EN (a prescription diet that is very tasty, and also helps prevent diarrhea which is often seen when your pet is stressed from being away from home), or you can bring your own at no additional charge.

  • Each guest is taken outside to potty at least 4 times daily
  • Each guest is also given one treat (so long as a medical condition doesn’t prohibit it) daily
  • As much extra petting, brushing, and interactive play that our team can lavish on our guests
  • Any guest staying 7 or more nights will automatically receive a complimentary bath

Extra Amenities:

  • An extra walk each day
  • An extra session of play, or massage & brushing, dependant on your pet’s personality and what he/she would like best
  • An extra special snack (currently offering Frosty Paws)
  • Spa Package for dogs under 65 pounds – includes bath, pedicure & ear cleaning
  • Administration of medication
  • All-Inclusive Package - includes extra time outside, playtime with the resort attendant and a Frosty Paws treat.

Resort Rates for Dogs:


Single Occupancy
(1st pet)

Double Occupancy
(2nd pet same room)

Triple Occupancy
(3rd pet same room)









Grand Suite




Special Amenities* Rates


Small (<>

Medium (20-50#)

Large (51-65#)

Additional Play

Same as Med


Same as Med

Special Snack

Same as Med


Same as Med


Same as Med


Same as Med


Same as Med


Same as Med


Same as Med


Same as Med






Same as Med


Same as Med

Ear Cleaning

Same as Med


Same as Med

Spa Package (bath, pedicure,clean ears)




For the Cats:

Cats love our cat condos! Not only do they get to see outside with the abundance of windows, but some of them even get the ocean view as their unit backs directly up to an aquarium. All units are vertically positioned, such that each has a special ledge for relaxing and a lower private area for their litter box. Each of our feline guests is also allowed outside of their unit to play on the jungle gym or just relax in the sun each day. Each guest is also given 10 minutes of interactive time where they are either petted, brushed or a combination of both (assuming your cat would enjoy this!).

Standard Amenities:

  • Comfortable bed and ledge to perch on
  • Private litterbox area
  • An abundance of light and outdoor viewing
  • Meals are served twice daily – our standard diet is Purina ProPlan Salmon, but you can provide your own at no additional charge
  • Daily playtime outside the condo
  • 10 minutes of interactive time daily
  • Each guest is also given one treat daily
  • Soothing Feliway diffuser

Additional Amenities:

  • An ocean view or a garden view (can look outside) if available
  • An additional playtime session
  • Additional interactive session
  • Bath
  • Pedicure
  • Spa package (bath & pedicure)
  • Administration of medication

Special Amenities* Rates



Additional playtime


Extra interactive session




Pedicure (4 feet)




Spa Package (bath & pedicure)


Rates for Feline Guests


Rate per Night

All Lodging


Multiple Cat Rate

Significant Discount – Please Call

Resort Policies:


We recommend that all reservations be made weeks in advance, especially for holidays and weekends during the summer. Our space is limited (making the environment calmer and less stressful for most pets) and we do book up fast. We do keep a waiting list should cancellations occur, but they are obviously not guaranteed. In order to protect your pet’s health, as well as others in our facility, we do require proof of vaccination prior to making a reservation.If you need to cancel your reservation, please provide 72 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee equal to one night’s stay.


All guests must be current on their vaccinations** and free of any contagious diseases.

** If your pet is not a patient at Best Friends, you must have proof of vaccination faxed from your current medical provider PRIOR to booking your pet’s stay! Our fax number is: 618-222-9861. We require all dogs to have had their bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine given 1 week prior to their stay to ensure adequate immunity upon admission. All dogs must be current on their rabies, bordetella, distemper, and parvo virus inoculations. All cats must be current on their rabies and FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus & panleukopenia) inoculations. Please realize this policy must be enforced to protect your own pet, as well as all the others in our facility.

Checking In:

When checking your pet in for a resort stay, please allow 10-15 minutes as we will need to have you fill out an admission form so that we can ensure we provide the proper care for your pet. To cut down on this time, you may print it off (DOGS or CATS) & fill it out ahead of your arrival.

Check In/Check Out:

Check-in time is after 2pm. Check-out time is before noon (12pm). If you are checking in before 2pm or checking out after noon, you will be charged an additional ½ day’s stay. Just like a hotel, our resort attendants need time to thoroughly clean & sanitize the new pet’s room and we prefer, for the pet’s sake, to not put the incoming pet in a temporary holding room. Please notify us if you will be running late and are unable to pick up your pet at the time you had said. Thank you for your cooperation. We all appreciate it!

72 Hour Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel a reservation with us, please notify us within 72 hours of your reservation. Failure to do so will result in a charge for one night’s stay and may affect your ability to make future reservations. (Please note that most other facilities also require 72 hours notice for cancellations.)

Stress Diarrhea:

If you know your pet is prone to stress induced diarrhea and you are not a medical client, we recommend you speak with your veterinarian about having a treatment plan for this should it be needed. If you are not a client, or your pet is not a current patient meaning we have not seen your pet within the past year, and our doctors feel it necessary to prescribe something for your pet, THE DOCTOR MUST BY LAW EXAMINE YOUR PET in order to establish a client-patient relationship and determine whether your pet can safely take the medication. Thus, YOU WILL BE CHARGED AN EXAM FEE.

If the doctor feels a fecal test should be performed on any pet with diarrhea, we must charge for the fecal exam. If your dog eats dry food, we strongly encourage owners to take advantage of the food we provide at no cost. It is a high-quality prescription diet called EN which is made by Purina (click here) and provides nutrients to minimize (though it does not guarantee) the likelihood of diarrhea. (If your pet is on a different prescription medication you would obviously want him/her to eat that.) There is a canned variety of EN that can be provided for an additional charge. If your pet is on a prescription diet, please make sure to bring enough food to last for the entire stay.

Aggressive and/or Fearful Pets:

At Best Friends we strive to interact as much as possible with our guests. Because they do not have their own access to an outdoor “run” adjacent to their room, the dogs must be willing to come out of their room to go outside. Due to this interactive nature, we reserve the right to decline services to any guest with an aggressive temperament. If your pet has never been boarded, or you have concerns that your pet may become aggressive if fearful (as some dogs are very nervous when encountering a new environment), we strongly encourage you to mention this when making your reservation and if at all possible, schedule a “trial” time where your pet can either stay for a single night while you’re still in town and available to pick the pet up early should your pet not be able to settle down, or at least come in to “check out” the facility and see how the pet handles being with us.

Although it is very important for us to protect our employees from dangerous situations, we also do not want to see your pet so stressed out that he is miserable. Nor do we want a situation to arise where you leave your pet with us and immediately go out of town without any other arrangements for your pet should he/she not do well.

Flea Policy:

We do our best to minimize the chance that any guest could pick up any external parasites (fleas, most notably) while in our care by routinely checking our guests (see later in this section). However, when caring for as many pets at one time as we do, there is a possibility that your pet will encounter a flea. If you would like us to guarantee that your pet will not bring home any fleas, we can administer Capstar® to your pet for a fee. This product is extremely safe and will within minutes rid your pet of fleas.

Although we do recommend that you take advantage of this offer as it is a minimal investment considering how horrible a flea problem can be, we ALSO recommend that you use a reputable product such as Nexgard, Vectra or Frontline (check with your veterinarian to determine which is best for your particular pet’s needs) several days before admission. Please note that guests will be screened for fleas at check-in. If detected, the guest must be treated prior to admission and a charge will be incurred.

Grooming Services:

We DO NOT have a professional groomer on staff to professionally cut or even shave pets. However, we do have highly trained personnel allowing us to offer the following services at least 2 days a week: bathing, nail trims, ear cleaning, routine anal gland expressions and spa packages. These services must be done on an appointment basis and the pricing listed above applies unless the pet is fractious and extra help is required or additional services are requested.

The vaccination policy described above is also followed for grooming appointments. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at: 618.222.9860. Please ask about our nail trim & spa cards – buy 7 of any of the same service & get the 8th free!!!


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