Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine for Swansea and Saint Clair County Pets

If you've ever had to have your pet treated for a serious health condition, you probably found yourself wishing that the dreadful situation had simply never happened. Helping your pet avoid a major illness can be more than a wish.  It’s a strategy that really works. Here at Best Friends Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, any veterinarian on our skilled team can provide preventative medicine for Swansea and Saint Clair County pets just like yours.

Preventative Medicine for Swansea and Saint Clair County Pets

The Importance of Preventative Veterinary Care

Preventative care can make all the difference in your pet's long-term quality of life. It's easy to assume that a healthy-looking pet has no need for veterinary attention, but looks can be deceiving. Many diseases and disorders, including cancer, high blood pressure, internal parasites, and diabetes, can develop slowly without presenting any symptoms in their early stages. By the time you see an obvious problem, the condition is well advanced and your sick pet must undergo extensive treatment. Even if your pet really is healthy, diseases can strike with deadly force if you haven't arranged the necessary vaccines and other forms of protection beforehand.

Best Friends Animal Hospital & Pet Resort can help you nip any such problems in the bud through our preventative medicine services. These services include:

Pet Exams

We provide comprehensive pet exams for puppies/kittens, adult animals, and senior pets. Puppies and kittens may require several exams in their first year, while healthy adults generally receive one exam per year. Middle-aged (age 6) and older pets should receive two exams per year. We can check every aspect of your pet's external and internal health, giving you a report card of his status following each exam.


Vaccines are substances that "train" your pet's immune system to manufacture antibodies against specific germs, protecting your pet as long as those vaccines remain potent. We employ the latest advances in vaccination protocols, administering only those vaccines that your pet genuinely needs. In cats, we use the Purevax line of vaccines for our rabies, leukemia & upper respiratory immunizations.  These products do not contain chemicals called adjuvants that may be harmful to your cat.  Likewise, many of our canine vaccines utilize the Recombitek technology which we believe is safer, and superior to, many alternatives.

Health Screen Testing

Your veterinarian at our clinic can perform comprehensive health screen testing to check for a variety of ailments. Heartworm testing, stool analysis, and tick-borne disease testing are recommended annually. Senior and other at-risk pets may benefit from more comprehensive blood work, an EKG, chest X-rays, blood pressure/eye pressure testing, and/or urinalysis.  We’ve recently partnered with an outside laboratory to be able to offer this routine screening at a reduced price.

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