When you’re heading out of town and need a safe place for your feline friend to stay,

We have you covered!

When your cat stays with us, they’ll love our cat condos, which provide plenty of views outside. Some kitties even get to enjoy an ocean view since their condo backs directly up to an aquarium. All units are vertically positioned so each has a special ledge for relaxing and a lower private area for their litter box.

All of our feline guests are allowed outside of their unit to play in the jungle gym or relax in the sun each day. Each guest is also given 10 minutes of interactive time during which they are petted, brushed, or a combination of both (assuming your cat enjoys these things!).

Standard Amenities

  • Comfortable bed and ledge to perch on.
  • Private litter box area.
  • An abundance of light and outdoor viewing.
  • Meals served twice daily. Our standard diet is Purina ProPlan Salmon, but you are welcome to provide your feline friend’s regular food at no additional charge.
  • Daily playtime outside the condo.
  • 10 minutes of interactive time daily.
  • One treat per day (as long as there are no dietary restrictions).
  • Soothing Feliway diffuser to minimize stress and anxiety.

Additional Amenities

  • An ocean or garden view, if available.
  • An additional playtime session.
  • Additional interactive session.
  • Bath.
  • Pedicure.
  • Spa package, featuring bath and pedicure.
  • Administration of medication.

Special Amenities Rates

Additional playtime$4.50
Extra interactive session$4.50
Pedicure (4 feet)$16.50
Spa Package (bath & pedicure)$42.00

Rates for Feline Guests

All Lodging$20.00/night
Multiple Cat RateSignificant Discount
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Pet Boarding in Swansea

Pet Boarding in Swansea

When you need pet boarding in Swansea, Belleville, Shiloh, Fairview Heights, or the surrounding areas, choose Best Friends Animal Hospital and Pet Resort. Please contact us today to book your pet’s stay or grooming services!
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We Treat Your Pet as Our Own!

We Treat Your Pet as Our Own!

Best Friends Animal Hospital and Pet Resort provides pet boarding and grooming services for dogs and cats in Swansea, Belleville, Shiloh, Fairview Heights, and the surrounding areas.