Our curbside service has changed! Starting Monday, May 24 th , we will be allowing an owner to accompany their pet inside for their outpatient visit. All other encounters will still be curbside as we’ve found it much more effective in maintaining social distancing and ensuring everyone’s safety. Please read below for more details!

When you arrive, please park in one of the numbered spots & give us a call (618-222-9860). If you are here to pick up medications or food, check your pet in for a surgery or day admission (drop-off) or for a nurse appointment, we will be happy to assist you with curbside service.

If you are here for an outpatient appointment, the nurse will review your pet’s history & ask you to meet him/her at the front door to escort you into an exam room. Please wear a mask and only one owner per patient please as our rooms are quite small. (We still have several unvaccinated team members!) If you prefer to wait in your car during your pet’s outpatient appointment, that’s ok too! Please just let us know & the nurse will come to your car to get your pet.

As always, please have all dogs on a nonretractable leash, kitties in carriers and exotic pets in a safe enclosure. Also, please fill out any needed paperwork online at your earliest convenience: Online Forms.

We appreciate your patience as we strive to maintain a healthy team, healthy clients, and of course, healthy pets! Slowly but surely we’re getting back to a more “normal” routine. As a reminder we are open from 7am-5pm on Monday & Friday, 7am-7pm Tuesday thru Thursday and 8am-noon on Saturday. (We will be closed on Memorial Day.)