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What You Need to Know About Parasite Prevention in Swansea


April is both Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month and National Heartworm Awareness Month. In honor of these important events, we would like to take some time to discuss a few of the most common parasites afflicting dogs and cats. These events focus on just two parasites - heartworms and ticks - but they certainly are not the only ones that could infest your furry friend. Keep reading to learn more about parasite prevention in Swansea from Best Friends Animal Hospital and Pet Resources experts! 

Common Pet Parasites

Many internal and external parasites afflict pets. Some, however, are much more common than others. The most important thing to realize is that they aren’t just annoying pests. They are carriers of disease and can cause serious health issues for your furry friend. 

In dogs and cats, the most common internal parasites are heartworm and intestinal worms (heartworm, hookworm, and roundworm). Heartworm causes a chronic cough and general poor health, while intestinal worms often lead to anemia, fatigue, and weight loss. 

Fleas and ticks are common external parasites that can wreak havoc on your pet’s life. In addition to Lyme Disease, ticks carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichia, and other diseases. And fleas cause allergic reactions, itchiness, skin infections, hair loss, and anemia. 

Parasite Prevention in Swansea

Treating parasites is more complicated than protecting your pet from them in the first place. At Best Friends Animal Hospital and Pet Resources, we supply effective products for parasite control in Swansea. Our products work better and are much safer than those found at your local grocery store and on the Internet. Plus, our veterinarians will help you choose the products that are best suited to your pet. 

We also offer parasite testing and treatment services. Whatever type of care your companion needs, we are here to help them live a healthy, happy, and comfortable life free from internal and external parasites. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. 

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