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Petplan Excellence Award Winner ~ Veterinarian of the Year!


Although we had posted that Dr. Craig had been selected as a semi-finalist in the Petplan Veterinarian of the Year awards, we neglected to mention that he just so happened to be the winner!!! In January, in conjunction with the international VMX Veterinary Conference in Orlando, FL, Dr. Craig was announced as the winner of this year's prestigious title. There were over 1,000 entries for the veterinarian category taken from not only the United States, but also Canada. He was extremely honored to not only have been selected as a contender, but to have actually won left him feeling immensely grateful for his clients, his patients, & his incredible team - all of which made the award possible. As part of the the award, a $1,000 donation was made to the charity of his choice. Having an interest in exotic pets, particularly reptiles he chose the Turtle Survival Alliance as the organization to which the donation was made.

Petplan provides pet insurance to owners who are concered about the cost of their pet's healthcare, especially if they have an emergency, or even a long-term problem requiring care. They also offer plans for routine wellness. According to the Consumer Advocate group, Petplan ranks among the very top of the pet insurance providers. Not only do they do an amazing job with their insurance, they are also very dedicated to the veterinary industry as a whole. According to their website, they started the Veterinary Excellence Awards for the following reasons:

"Caring for sick and injured animals is not easy; it demands long hours and superhuman staying power. It’s physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting – and patients can't even speak up to say thank you.

Pet health professionals answer the call with a passion that often goes unrecognized. The Petplan Veterinary Excellence Awards are a celebration of that passion and dedication.

Our aim in holding these awards is to raise the public’s appreciation of veterinary medicine and to support the people who act as our partners in ensuring a happy, healthy future for pets."

To see more about the awards & this year's winners, please visit - GoPetPlan.

Oh, and it's definitely worth mentioning that just 2 years ago our lead customer care representative, Jennifer Thompson, won the title of Receptionist of the Year!!! Go team Best Friends!

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