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Flea and Tick Prevention Info from a Veterinarian in Swansea


Summer is here and it’s the peak season for fleas and ticks. These pests are difficult to get rid of and negatively affect your pet’s health, so preventing infestations is crucial. Ticks can carry diseases, like Lyme Disease, and fleas are known to cause skin issues, hair loss, and even tapeworms in our furry friends. 

Choosing the right flea and tick prevention for your pet is easy when you have a trusted veterinarian at Best Friends Animal Hospital and Pet Resources on your side. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of flea and tick prevention in Swansea.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine

Taking the steps to prevent fleas and ticks is way easier than getting rid of them. Even one flea can lead to a full infestation. A single flea can lay 40 eggs a day, and these eggs often go unnoticed until they hatch. Infestations take a long time to get rid of and require deep cleaning to make sure all eggs and larvae are removed from your home. Flea and tick prevention is much easier and will keep your pet healthy from the start.

Trusted Swansea Flea and Tick Prevention

We are here to make sure you’re getting safe, effective products and using flea and tick medications safely. Not all medications are created equally. Many medications are made specifically for certain sizes and ages. On top of this, if you have both dogs and cats in the same location, you’ll want to make sure the medications you choose are safe for cats and dogs.

There are many rumored treatments online for fleas and ticks that can actually be toxic to pets, too. Checking with a vet instead of trying those sketchy DIY treatments will be better for your pet in the long run.

If you suspect your pet is battling fleas or ticks, or if you’re looking for flea and tick prevention in Swansea, schedule an appointment with Best Friends Animal Hospital and Pet Resources today. Call now.


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