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At Best Friends Animal Hospital we strive to provide our patients with the most up to date medical advice. In developing our vaccination policy we consulted the latest research, leading feline medical organizations and individual experts. Some of our recommendations may differ from advice you have received in the past. We would be happy to provide you with further information or even the expert reports if you would like more detailed information. 

Vaccines are an important medical procedure that should be tailored to the individual patient’s needs.  Not all cats should receive the same vaccines because not all cats are exposed to the same risk factors.  Vaccines also are not without risks. Allergic reactions, immune system problems, and even a form of cancer have been associated with vaccines in cats. Our goal is to use those vaccines that will help or even save a cat's life and at the same time not exposing them to additional risks from vaccines they do not need. 

The chart below details many of the diseases that we could vaccinate against. Some of the vaccines are described as "core" vaccines which means they are recommended for all cats. These diseases have a  high likelihood of causing severe disease or death and are so widespread they pose a serious risk to all cats. "Non-core" vaccines are only recommended for cats whose lifestyle or specific circumstances places them at high risk of being exposed to these diseases. Lastly, we list vaccines that are not recommended. 





This handout is not intended to be a complete summary of all the information regarding your cat and vaccinations. We provide our clients with this information to help them be more familiar with the individual diseases and some of the basic considerations regarding their vaccinations. Our staff will discuss your cat's lifestyle in greater detail and then make specific recommendations regarding which vaccinations could protect or even save your pet's life and which ones could be more likely to harm than help. At Best Friends Animal Hospital we are determined to provide each patient with the best individualized care we can provide.


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