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COVID-19 Procedures Starting March 23, 2020 - Please Read Carefully


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind with news, updates, rumors & even panic as we've gone from a barely known novel virus across the world to a global pandemic. We've been updating our protocols as we gain new information and are trying to follow not only guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO), and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), but also our own industry's guidelines as published by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Obviously our primary purpose is to provide care to our pets, our amazing patients who bring so much joy to our day, but we must also care for our employees & our clients. In order to do so during this time, we've made some difficult decisions.

Although we are currently still open, and trying to maintain our normal business hours, we are reducing the number of personnel we have in the building at any given time. Between this and our resources being somewhat limited, we feel forced to try to postpone adult wellness visits, especially if the pet is not yet overdue. We will try to stay on schedule with our puppy & kitten visits, and we need to be able to provide care to those who are sick, or have a medical condition needing attention. With as much uncertainty as there is and with travel being so restricted, we're also holding off on making any new boarding reservations for awhile. If you or anyone in your immediate household has been sick within the past 2 weeks with a fever and/or respiratory signs, please cancel your appointment or have someone else bring your pet to the appointment. If this isn't an option, please call so we can discuss an alternate arrangement to care for your pet safely.

Finally, we're putting in place a curbside only policy such that only our employees and patients will be allowed into the building. Although we've increased our disinfecting efforts dramatically, we have no other way to enforce social distancing and minimize the potential for any of us, or our clients on our premises, to become exposed to the COVID-19 virus. So we ask that you please follow the guidelines we've set forth below to help us achieve this. For reference, our phone number is 618-222-9860 and this is the link to all of our forms.

Prescription Refills:

Please call to request a prescription refill or logon to your pet's portal thru our website homepage to do so. Once it's ready we'll call you and we can take payment over the phone. Alternatively, we can accept credit cards at pickup using a Square card reader at your car. When you arrive to pick up your medication, please call so that we may take it out to your car.

In transporting dogs inside, we will be using our slip leads. For extra precautions we will use 2 slip leads!


  • NURSE APPOINTMENT - If you have a nurse appointment, please call when you get to the clinic & we will come to the car to collect your pet. After we've provided the service, we will bring your pet back to your car.
  • DROP-OFF/DAY ADMISSION - If you have an appointment to drop your pet off for what we call a day admission, please fill out the appropriate forms online if at all possible. You will need to fill out the COVID-19 form, as well as either the Medical Care Options form if the visit is for non-wellness services, or the Wellness Care Options form for wellness care. (Please remember to bring your pet to us by 9:00 in the morning so that we have time to assess & care for your pet.) When you arrive, please call so that we can come to your car & get your pet. Once the doctor has examined your pet, he/she will call you to discuss findings & arrange a time for you to come back for your pet. We can take payment over the phone, or you can wait to pay when you pick your pet up using the Square reader. Please call when you get to the clinic.
  • REGULAR APPOINTMENT - If you have a regular appointment to be done at a specific time, please fill out the COVID-19 form, as well as either the Medical Care Options form if your pet is sick, or the Wellness Care form if hte appointment is a routine one. When you come for the appointment, please call so we can come to your car & get your pet. Here you have the option to either join an online meeting during your pet's exam, or simply have the doctor call you right after the exam to discuss findings, next steps, etc. If you would like to video chat with us, simply open a browser on your mobile device & go to We will provide you with a number to connect. Once your pet's appointment is over we will return him/her to your car.
  • EUTHANASIA - Lastly, if you have made the difficult decision that it's time for your pet to be humanely euthanized, please just give a call when you get to the parking lot. We'll be on the lookout for you & will make there are arrangements for you to be present if you desire to say good-bye.


If you are dropping your pet off in the morning for surgery, please arrive between 7 and 7:30 & allow time to be checked in. You should have gotten an email with an estimate. It will be beneficial if you can fill out the Anesthesia Consent form online at least 1 business day before the procedure. You will also need to fill out the COVID-19 form and if your pet is having a dental, the Dental Options form. When you get to the clinic, please call & a nurse will be out to check your pet in, go over your estimate & forms, and answer any questions. After the procedure, the doctor will call you to discuss how your pet is doing and arrange a pickup time. When you come to pickup, again, give us a call & we'll be out with your pet & discharge instructions. Again, payment can be made over the phone or thru the Square card reader. Care Credit can also be used.

As you can see, our phones are going to be busy! Please be patient with us as we are learning these new procedures. We hope that you can see the reasons we're moving to such a system, and we appreciate your support.

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