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Winter is Here: Along With Fleas and Ticks

Although it is colder out, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are still around even though we might not see them as easy as we do in the warmer months. Not only are they a general annoyance to our daily lives, they can cause problems in animals that might not be noticeable until the animal shows us signs of illness. In this blog, we will discuss the damage these pests can do and simple ways to prevent it.

  • Mosquitoes:  Mosquitoes cause heaheartworm disease which can be treated but at great expense and risk to your pet. Heartworm disease can cause decreased appetite/weight loss, lethargy, a persistent cough, and eventually, if left untreated, could lead to heart failure. The best way to combat this is to keep them on heartworm prevention year round. Here is some information on a couple of the preventions (we carry both). (Please note that many other options can be found on our online store.)

    • Heartgard:  This is an oral medication (beef flavored chew) that provides one month protection against heartworm disease. It also protects again certain intestinal parasites (hookworms and roundworms that can be spread to people). This is an ideal product if your dog likes treats (and takes the chew easily) and/or if you have children.

    • Sentinel:  This product is actually a combination of 2 different ingredients. One of the ingredients prevents heartworms while also preventing roundworms, hookworms and effectively, whipworms.  The other ingredient acts to prevent flea eggs from hatching so even though your pet may still pick up adult fleas, any eggs they lay will be sterile.  The product is a small chewable tablet given once monthly and comes in packages of 6 doses.

    • Proheart 6:  This is an injection given every 6 months to prevent heartworm disease. It does not protect against intestinal parasites but we do offer a deworming included. This product is great if you don’t want to have to remember to give a pill monthly and/or your dog does is choosier about his treats, or if your dog has a food allergy.

  • Fleas and Ticks: Fleas can wreak havoc on dogs and cats and their owners. Once inside the house, they quickly become a nuisance and difficult to get rid of. Some animals have a flea allergy in which case a single bite can cause flea allergy dermatitis, leading to uncontrollable scratching, hair loss, as well as severe skin infections. The most common tick borne illnesses in dogs in our area are Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis, all of which are usually undetectable until they are in severe distress. Keeping your pets on flea and tick prevention all year can save them from a lot of suffering and trips to the vet. Here is some information on a couple flea and tick preventatives we carry.

    • Nexgard:  Nexgard is an oral medication (flavored chew), for dogs only, that provides one month protection against fleas and ticks. This product is a good choice for dogs that get frequent baths (as it is not a topical medication).  

    • Bravecto:  Bravecto is a topical medication (for both dogs and cats) that provides three months of protection against fleas and ticks. This product is great for those who don’t want to have to worry monthly or for those whose animals who struggle to take oral medications. There is an oral version available for dogs only that can be obtained through our online store.


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