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Nexgard for Fleas & Ticks

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Nexgard for Fleas & Ticks

Are you familiar with Nexgard? Nexgard is an oral product given once monthly to kill fleas & ticks. It has been around for a few years, but it is gaining in popularity and for good reasons. It is a great alternative to the topicals that can be hard to open, may be difficult to apply, and leave a residue on your pet’s coat. Not to mention, these products lose some efficacy with multiple baths between applications, for those of you that bathe your pet frequently. It is approved for dogs, 8 weeks of age & older.

The molecule in Nexgard, afoxolaner, is actually derived from a sea sponge. Side effects are rare (vomiting the most common – 4%). A similar product, Comfortis, we haven’t carried because the side effects are not only much higher (12%), but it only kills fleas and we see a lot of ticks in our area. Since most of our clients need protection from both fleas & ticks, Nexgard is definitely a product to consider, especially as we're entering the pesky bug seasons. Please check out the link to the manufacturer’s website here.

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  • "This was our first visit with our two girls as our previous vet retired. We were very impressed with all of the staff. One of our girls can be timid around strangers but everyone did a great job making her feel welcome and at ease. The vet gave us sound advice and did not try to push or upsell products to us which I greatly appreciate."
  • "You might hear this alot from reviews, but the techs and vets here actually really care about you and your furry kid. I have been taking my hedgehog in to get some issues taken care of and while it's been a long process they have cared every step of the way. Very knowledgeable and kind hearted people. Definitely a recommend for specialty exotics pets!"